Explosive Detection Dogs
These unique canines are specifically and meticulously trained to the highest standards.  All of the candidates are carefully selected from worldwide sources to guarantee delivery of a dog of the highest caliber.  Every canine unit will be proficient in the detection of substances from the following impressive list of explosives:

  • Binary Explosives

  •   Kine-Pack
      Kine Stick

  • Chemicals

  •   Potassium Chlorate
      Potassium Nitrate
      Sugar Chlorate Mixture


  • Detonation Cord

  •   Commercial and Military

  • Dynamite

  •   Commercial and Military

  • Fireworks

  •   Commercial

  • Hand Grenades

  •   Military

  • P.E.T.N.
  • Plastics

  •   C-3
      Data Sheet

  • Powders

  •   Black Powder
      Photo-Flash Powder
      Smokeless Powder

  • R.D.X.
  • T.N.T.
  • Tovex
  • And a number of others, which at this time will remain undisclosed.

Mr. Kirchner is the originator of and the first to train explosive detection dogs. In 1970 the world's first true explosive detection dog completed its training and was put into service by Mr. Kirchner and the Metropolitan Police Washington D.C.

He served as the primary trainer and advisor for: the Federal Aviation Authority Airport Security Project (first explosive detection dogs for airports 1971), the U.S. Department of State, Anti-terrorism project, and he has acted as a consultant and informal advisor providing his knowledge and expertise to nearly all of the branches of government over the years, as well as dozens of foreign governments. Many of the dogs he has trained are in major airports as well as famous buildings such as the United Nations, the Empire State Building and a number of state capital buildings.

Mr. Kirchner's training program provides the handler with three weeks of training at this location (South Carolina) with the dog. All in service training will be free of charge with the original handler at this location. Each dog is specifically trained with you for your agency. There is no pulling from a pool of trained dogs. Each canine unit's training is tailored to specifically meet your agencies needs. You do not buy a suit off the rack, you have it custom made! You should demand that same level of quality for your canine unit as well!

The choice is simple, what better place to achieve the highest level of commitment and performance, than with the man who developed and launched the world's first true explosive detection dog, Charles Kirchner.

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